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Twisted eyewear – cool summer sunnies!

Summer is here and I think of pool parties, BBQ, bikini’s and festivals.  Well, given the global pandemic, and the social distancing guidelines, most of summer, at least how we typically think of it has changed.  But, given the smaller groups and limited social interaction,what does remain, where the light to the end of this summer proverbial tunnel.  I say, you think about your sunnies, your masks are no doubt very fashionable, but the shades must match the sunnies.  I have a collection of summer shades.  I love experimenting with different looks, styles and colors, depending on my mood and outfit.  They are always sure to cheer me up and those around me.  However, if you are anything like me, I lose sunglasses so easily, its mind googling.  So, I look for fashionable, not cheap , but fairly well-made that compliment my mood or outfit that day.  I was excited to come across this brand, that hasa. collection of great styles, it’s also local and fairly inexpensive.  In fact, they offered them to me to check out at 100% discount.  Here is a link for you to do the same: They offer a decent selection, so go ahead and get yourself a cool, fun pair as an easy self-care, inexpensive retail therapy that is sure to put a smile on your face.

Get free sunglasses. Enjoy!

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