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Ahava – Extreme Lotion Daily Firmness & Protection SPF 30

@ahava #gifted me this extreme lotion for daily firmness & protection SPF 30.

First, this is 50ml container and retails for $78 so naturally I was curious as to whether it’s worth it?

So, it’s vegan, paraben-free.

It’s a white, super light liquid that’s easily absorbed by the skin. It is cooling and light to the touch, not greasy and it sits on the top of the skin (physical sunscreen). It acts as an make-up base and is super hydrating.

This contains AHAVA’s exclusive 3D complex based on natural Dead Sea minerals, dunalila Salina algae, date extract, Goji Berry, Sea Moss, Rice Bran Oil which all synergistically work together to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. It suggests two pumps, which doesn’t seem like a lot, compared to the three finger rule, daily.

Based on my experience, this sunscreen even with its hefty price tag, is worth it for dry, irritated, or mature skin. The ingredients in it are non-irritating and very calming and soothing to the skin. It quickly disappears into the skin, with no white cast, and you don’t need a lot. I can emphasize how nourishing, cooling and so thing it feels, as if the minerals in it are aiding your skin to recovery.

You can buy it directly using the link below and use my promo code below to get 30% off.

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