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Cappadocia, Turkey – UNESCO World Hertiage Site

Turkey – a country where the Europe and Asia meet at the Bosphorus!  One of the easiest countries to access for most, albeit not right now, and the most exciting!  Its landscape is so varied, from sunny beaches, to snow caps to a world class night scene, and great hiking and of course, fantastic monuments, and culture, such as the whirling dervishes!  I have been there several times and there is so much to explore, and the food and shopping is all so good.  To make this blog post worthwhile, I want to focus on just one of the cities there.  Most of probably been to Istanbul, so let’s look at Cappadocia!  It’s a short flight from Istanbul. 

The topography of Cappadocia is stunning, with a cave city where civilizations thrived, and the most idyllic hot -air ballooning backdrop.  Pictures don’t even do it justice!  There are also the cave hotels with the most stunning sunrises and sunsets!  Just here is a glimpse until you make it there in person:) 

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