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Drunk Elephant Littles 4.0

Thank you @drunkelephant for #gifting me these Littles 4.0. This set retails for $126 and you get to sample their their system as it’s designed to work together!

First, everything from the box, the wrapping, the bag, and little products are superbly presented. Their bright colors alone put a huge smile on your face and I remember wondering how many more littles are going to come out of this bright, little, orange bag! Also, the orange bag is fantastic for the beach and even has a “tick” to combine it, so that it stands up, for when you are in the bathroom. @drunkelephant has clearly given a lot of thought to packaging and grouping their products.

There are 8 littles and they have so many other products, that is a fantastic way to figure out if the product is right for you, before investing in their skincare.
1) Beste No 9 Jelly cleanser – this can be used on dry or wet skin and was one of my most fav of the lot! Again, it’s a twist lid, so you cannot lose or misplace the lid. Their attention to design is impeccable.
2) Tango multivitamin eye cream is cooling to the touch, and thick but quickly absorbs into the orbital area leaving BRIGHT, hydrated, plump skin almost immediately!
3) C-Firma Day Serum – another one of my favorites. It smells of oranges and it’s potent and effective at brightening the skin, yet gentle on the skin.
4) B Hydra Intensive Hydration serum – again another favorite. It’s your ceramides and B5, which work very well the other serums or lotions. I loved combining it with the vitamin C
5) Protini polypeptide cream – this moisturizer is hydrating and is applied to dry skin.
6) Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil – this was nice and I used it under my moisturizer, but I wasn’t blown away by it. It’s great for those with dry/sensitive skin.
7) TLC Framboos Glycolic Night serum AHA/BHA Blend with raspberry extract. – gentle yet effective
8) Physical Daily Defense – I LOVE physical sunblock and this 20% zinc oxide delivers.

All @drunkelephant products are free from the suspicious 6:
1) essential oils.
2) drying alcohols
3) silicones
4) chemical sunscreens.
5) fragrances/dyes
6) SLS

Overall, they have a fantastic product line, but it’s overwhelming to navigate and even with their sets you do have to know your skin and what works. I have a solution for each skin condition and you can concoct your perfect smoothie, but a tour guide is essential on your journey to perfect skin!

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