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Want that gorgeous, luminous, ethereal GLASS skin? Read on . . . .

Well turns that it’s possible with a few, specifically 10 steps every morning and night.  If you are willing to commit to following these 10 steps every morning and night, that luminous glow, promised by our Korean sisters is within reach.  So, I have loved Korean skin care products for a long time now and my love grew even more after my visit to Seoul.  The 24 hour spa, that are 7 floors with countless rooms, salt  room, red clay room, jade room, etc are a treat within themselves.  Its a family hang out spot for the day! And they have everything, I mean, hair, nails, facials but their thing, are the korean scrubs.  OMG, so good, these korean women line you up and scrub you till you are scrubbed and glowing, every inch of you!  Even all the food in Korea is so delicious and healthy and it is most always made in front of you.  Did I mention, there is an amazing hotel/spa at the Seoul airport.  Also, the people are impeccably dressed and polished, even the men.  Needless to say, I am a huge fan, but I digress, this blog post is about that 10 step korean facial routine that korean women deploy to achieve that GLASS glow, that no cleaner, toner, and  moisture can match.  It’s not simply the number of products or steps, it’s the quality of the products and how gentle, effective and absorbing they are!

So, let’s talk about the 10 steps, then based on your skin type, you can pick specific products and you will see a difference after the first time you use it.  Also, I generally don’t find korean products to be expensive, they have high- quality, effective products in small sizes that last for a long time.  I will list the 10 steps and then show you the products I use.  Now, I have normal skin, its clear and bright.  I tend to travel a lot, or use to, before Covid, so my issues would be dehydration from being on planes, and generally tired skin from a lack of sleep, as often I’d burn the candles on both ends!  My skin is also sensitive to the sun, so using sunscreen is very important to me, but honestly, when working from the pool all day, I often forget to re-apply.  So, in general I need hydration and brightness.  So, here we go:


  1. Oil based Cleanser – This removes the first layer of dirt and make-up.  Most require you to smear the cleanser on dry skin and most will wipe away the water-proof mascara and the layers of baking you may have done the day/night before with lukewater water. It really is the workhorse for anyone wearing make-up everyday.
  2. Water-based Cleaner – This step ensures that there is no residue left from the prior step, so water is added to the water cleanser which forms a lather, which is massaged into the face and neck.  Again, this is rinsed off with lukewater water.
  3. Exfoliator  – This gets rid of the dead cells on the skin and primes that skin to absorb the subsequent products.  The degree of exfoilation can vary, depending on your needs, I will get that into that later, but depending on your needs, this is either a daily of a twice weekly step, depending on the product you select and your skin goals.
  4. Toner  – This step functions to balance your skin’s pH, so your skin stays hydrated.  You can use cotton pads to apply the toner or simply apply product to your fingertips
  5. Essence – This is the quintessential korean step.  This is added to help cell turnover, while hydrating and repairing the skin.  This is applied by simply patting it into your skin, using the tips of your fingers.
  6. Treatments – Here, is where you treat and target your specific skin needs. This is accomplished in the form of boosters, serums and ampoules.  These are highly concentrated, so only a small amount is needed and it is tapped into the skin.
  7. Sheet mask – This is also a very korean step, and I know korean women that put on a sheet mask EVERY SINGLE DAY.  These function to provide moisture.  The crux of korean skin care is moisture, they believe healthy skin is moisturized and when that is accomplished, then the specific skin issues can be addressed.
  8. Eye/lip/neck protection  – This protects and hydrates these delicate areas and you can get specific creams for each region, again depending on your need.
  9. Moisturizer – this seals in the moisture that we have applied in the prior steps and smooths away any fine lines. Here the use of sleeping masks is ideal.  These masks can multi-task as day moisturizer, as mask that you wash off or a mask that you sleep in.
  10. Sun Protection – this prevents aging and skin cancer.  Apply every single day, even on cloudy days and don’t forget to re-apply.  Your skin will thank you for it!

The korean products although most are readily available in the US are generally cheaper, specifically the smaller, less known brands.  I buy these from  A korean company that sells skincare and clothes which ships to the USA.  The offer free shipping for orders over $59, also feel free to use my code SINDIA100 to get 10% off your order or click on this link to buy

So, let’s start with products.  There are companies out there, that sell a 10 step korean regime, if selecting these products is daunting for you.  However, I have been into asian products for a while now and am familiar with their brands and comfortable exploring.  So, feel free to reach out and I’m happy to help wherever I can.  I few well-known asian brands are Neogen, Tony Moly(they have really cure packaging for their products) and Cosrx.

Next, I have a morning routine products and evening routine products. I follow the 10 steps, minus the sunscreen at night, but switch up the products to keep it interesting for my skin.


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