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Review: Cult Lip Masks: Which one really works?

So, with cold weather approaching, you may be asking yourself, how do I prevent those darn chapped lips?  Well, there are cult favorites, if you look at review sites, you will find these beauties presented as options. And they are all very effective at addressing different needs.  So, let’s look at what each one of them does.

The Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask  – is a korean favorite and an all rounder.  I find its moisturizing, healing and I love that I can wear it overnight and it stays put. It essentially seals in the moisture and hydrates my lips.  However, after a while, I think I have had this for a few years, my lips started getting flaky.  I'm not sure if my lips were just use to the texture, but I had to scrub my lips and even after applying this at night, my lips would be flaky in the morning.  

Aritaum Ginger Sugar Overnight Lip Mask – This is another korean lip mask, a little less well known, but still very effective.  It provides a very protective layer on top of your lips.  Your lips are literally sealed and it stays puts at night.  It really coats your lips, with a very thick layer.

Kaplan MD is my latest discovery. It is a US based product and it works by exfoliating the lips using papaya and then moisturizing.  It has a fantastic light, cooling texture and feels super soft in the morning. I bought the lip gloss with it so it has the rosy tinge for daily wear.


I like all three of these lip masks, and I use them all in different capacities.  I like the Kaplan MD as it exfoliates the lips, and I add a layer of the ginger sugar on top to truly seal my lips at night.  During the day, I use the Kaplan MD as the base and then add the Laneige lip sleeping mask to seal in the moisture and hydrate my lips.  I find using these three products together, my lips are always plump, hydrated and soft!

Let me know which lip masks you use and how you like them!


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