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Nutree: Brazilian Bottox Expert – Thermo Multi-Control Mask from the comfort of your home and while saving money!



I was #gifted this from @Nutree in exchange for my honest opinion.

So, story time, my hair is naturally wavy and I get a brazilian keratin on it, every three months.  It smoothes it out, adds protein and leaves my hair shiny and more manageable.  I have been doing this for over 10 years now and cannot live without this “permanent treatment”. It drastically shortens drying time from an hour to a mere 10m mins.  Also, it typically costs $300 plus tip or more, if you have  longer if you have past shoulder length hair.  Its essentially a cream that’s rich in protein, specifically keratin what is applied with chemicals that opens up the cuticle and you seal it in with heat from a straightening iron.  My hair grows quickly and so I need to “touch up” the new growth with this treatment to ensure that its even and it’s easy to manage, essentially a wash and go hair situation!

So, I was ecstatic when I was given the opportunity to review this @nutree Brazilian Bottoz Expert.  It’s a 8.8oz of product that comes with a pair of plastic gloves and its priced at $54 and I found I could use it about 4 times.  So about $13.50/session vs $300 and you can do in the privacy of your home, versus spending 3 plus hours in a. salon.

S, lets learn how to use it.  I found it fairly easy to use.  First you wash your hair with an alkaline shampoo, I had to read and hunt down my best option, but I think it would have been great, if they provided a sachet of it.  I did not apply any conditioner and dried my hair so it was super dry.  Then I added a small amount from root to tip with a sectioning comb and used my hair color brush to ensure it was evenly distributed.  I also started “pulling/straightening” the hair.  It was an easy process, but I did it in my bathroom with a full fan but I could smell the chemicals.  So I wore a mask as I applied the rest of the product. The product does have a strong chemical smell, just like, in the salon, so please use good ventilation.  It took about 20 mins to apply.  Then I let the mixture penetrate into my hair for 30 mins.  I added a plastic shower cap and caught up on things around the house.

After the allocated time, I towel dried my hair and then warmed up the straightening iron.  This step takes some time, as you need to take small sections of hair and go over it with the straightening iron several times.  I also had to call to friend to help me do the back of my hair, as I couldn’t see where I needed to straighten up.  Again, the smell bothered me here, and next time I was have a fan running to ensure I don’t inhale this stuff.  This part took a about an hour, about what it takes in the salon for me, and I have a lot of thick hair.  I looks great as it was finished, but too take the time to go over each and every piece of hair.  I left the dried product in my hair overnight and washed it in the morning!  Can’t wait to post the final result 😉

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